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Holding space for you through the process of becoming in purpose, on purpose.

If you're looking for someone to lie and offer false reassurance this is not your girl.

Eden C. // Quantum Tarot Reading

Hi, I'm Catherine!

 I'm a Spiritual Catalyst Coach who specializes in mindfulness & energy management for Manifestor, Projectors, & Reflectors. If you are tired of searching for the secret ingredient then you have come to the right place!

My life has been a crash course in self-awareness, self-regulation, boundaries, & self-compassion. Using my intuitive gifts & formal training, I hold the space for you to release your radically authentic truth - in order to figure out what is missing, identify what is needed, and anchor the vision for all that is possible. 

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Signed up for Reclaiming the Matrix last night! Started getting into it today & the alignment is 💯 ! So many things me going, "mmhmm, yup, yup". Thanks for putting this together and for setting this Generator in motion!

Julia F. // Reclaiming the Matrix course member

Get started on your Human Design experiment with my self-paced course, Reclaiming the Matrix

Learn how to leverage the transit energy in this revolutionary, Evolutionary Human Design course, so that you can plug in productively & stay in purpose. On purpose.
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If you're looking to work with someone who's going to push you to explore your limits and support you in expanding your understanding - go with Catherine!

Christa T. // 1:1 Coaching Client

Catherine held such a warm and inviting space for me to open up and express myself and honoured how I interact with others and the world. We even finished up the session with a little art which made me feel so deeply connected and seen/valued as a person and spiritual being.

Nancy M. // 1:1 Coaching Client

Integrate what you know & take things to the next level by booking a 1:1 coaching session

A group program focused on deconditioning by eliminating the shoulds and prioritizing your truth. No teachings. No readings. Just you, your life, and my facilitation.

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When she broke down the difference between my designs as the design of my body & the design of my soul, it became so clear how accurate it was. It was like my soul KNEW this was the truth. It has completely expanded my vision. I'm so grateful for Catherine for this session and the impact it will continue to have on my life. 

Randi L. // Sidereal Integration Reading

Rubeena I. // 1:1 Coaching Client

Catherine cares. She truly cares. She is a powerful, intuitive, and beautiful soul. While she has a lot of knowledge, it's her transmissions that are magic.

Catapult yourself to the next level.

Integrating your Tropical & Sidereal charts, allows for conscious connection to your body & deeper observation of the wisdom it holds. 
Your Human Design is a binary; two halves that come together to create the Quantum & we exist on a spectrum between the two frequencies. The same can be said for your tropical & sidereal designs. 
Our Sidereal design is a point of expansion & each of us has a significant connection in our chart that acts as the passage between the two designs. For some - Sidereal is loud and obvious once you know how to observe it. For others, it is a slow burn (& perhaps an agitation) that reveals itself over time. If our tropical design is our Human experience, then our Sidereal design allows for the observation of our soul.
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4 years ago, I sat locked in an urge and I channeled the connection between Human Design & the archetypes found in the tarot.

In this reading, I will pull an anchor card for you & then go deeper using my Activation spread. The anchor card will represent a specific Gene Key that is presenting itself for you to work with in your daily life. This reading will take an overall snapshot and be intuitive messages from your higher self & team of guides/angels. This is not traditional Human Design so if you don't believe in this stuff, please don't book this. Love you!
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