The Hardest Part?


I TOTALLY understand what it's like to want to begin your journey to health but have absolutely no clue where to begin, and that is why I am introducing my newest workshop - "7 days to healthy habits".

what is it?

this 7 day workshop will focus on all aspects of how i got started, to set you up for success. A program designed with beginners in mind, it will provide you with everything you need and take out all of the guesswork. i don't believe in dieting or quick fixes. 7 days to Healthy Habits will be the building blocks you need for life long change and results!

So what do you get?

you will get a 7 day meal guide, fitness routine, and a 7 day supply of dense nutrients (chocolate milk for breakfast, y'all). You will get access to a private group on facebook with me and some other cool cats for full support and accountability. 

And then what?

Then we do the damn thing! Look, my whole goal with this is to help as MANy women like me who have struggled to find a solution that actually works and is easy to stick with. 

completion of this workshop will unlock A VIP pass to my NamaSLAY Community, A Long term Lifestyle group. 

ok...i'm in. How do I get started?

first of all, I am so proud of you. this is awesome. you are awesome. If you're ready to the take the plunge, please fill out the form below and lookout for an email, gorgeous!