My Top Tips To Save Time In The Kitchen


If you're anything like me, you struggle to make lunch the night before and you often put it off until last minute never get around to it. This leads to bad last minute lunch choices at the office. Residual guilt? No thank you!

It took me WAY to long to discover the magic that is meal prep and I am DETERMINED to never let anyone make the same mistake I did on their own journey. That is why I am here to give you my TOP time saving tips that will also help you succeed and CRUSH your health and happiness goals!

Tip #1

Make a menu! Whether that is in a cute notebook, a chalkboard, or on a dang sticky doesn't matter. Just do it! I promise you if you take the 30 minutes to find recipes you would LIKE to eat it will keep you motivated and you will actually enjoy eating! 

Added bonus? Having a plan will help you stick to your list and stay away from shiny objects at the grocery store (ie. everything pumpkin related, sorry not sorry). 

Tip #2

Rotate your meals.

Typically, I make 2-3 meals for the entire week! Breakfast is always the same but I will make 5 servings of each meal and rotate them for lunch and dinner. This helps if you are someone who gets bored of food quickly, and it also allows you to stay within your budget! 

Dishes aren't so bad this way either, just saying...

Tip #3

Invest in a solid set of tupperware. 

Seriously - I know that sounds incredibly silly and obvious but NOTHING is worse than having to wash the same container every single night.

Your time is worth something and tupperware is fairly inexpensive. 


I know that this can be time consuming, but I promise you it is worth it.

YOU are worth it!