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my story

My entire life, weight has been a struggle and some of my earliest memories have to deal with embarrassment surrounding food and my image. Typing this out - I realize how horrible that is, but I'm not saying that for pity points. In fact, the majority of my childhood was happy! However, there was this looming guilt and shame when it came to my body and I was massively self conscious. I was active as a kid, taking dance classes and playing basketball quite competitively (#dianatourasiwannabe) but I still struggled. 

Eventually, I found my niche and discovered my passion for theatre. But this new hobby (which lead me to graduating in 2014 with a BA in Performance and a minor in Musical Theatre) meant that I was no longer "sporty spice". I left basketball and track behind, and while I really felt like I had found what I was MEANT to do, I also lost all forms of activity. 

Thankfully in college I was required to take dance classes daily, although I QUICKLY learned that required was a loose term....and stopped going! I was also 18, from a small town, and currently living in the heart of NYC. I discovered that I really loved going out, I really loved alcohol, and I REALLY loved Hot Jumbo Bagel. I'm not sure what I was thinking...actually, I don't think I was!

The weight started packing on which wasn't helpful considering I was already bigger than everyone else in my class. Being a performance major DIDN'T help with me esteem issues, either. This started the cycle of shame. Thinking about it now, it all seems so backwards.

Bigger woman --> ashamed of size/uncomfortable in skin --> eats food to feel better --> gains more weight. 

But that was me. When I was a senior in college I found myself spirally, not physically, but mentally. I was surrounded by toxic friends that only fueled my toxicity, and vice versa. It's like that saying goes, "your vibe attracts your tribe". My body got bigger and my mind got unhappier. 

The fog started to lift in 2015 when I was diagnosed with some underlying mental health issues and started to treat them. But I would always find myself taking 30 steps forward just to take 40 back. This cycle continued for the better part of 3 years.

And now - here I am! No where near where I would have liked to be if I could have projected this far into the future, but I am closer, stronger, and HAPPIER every single day.

 Why Group Accountability?

I honestly believe the biggest contributor to my success thus far has been the group accountability. 

When I first met my coach, I was SO desperate for change, and NO ONE around me was on board. I felt SO alone. I remember being in the office eating my salad, already facing CRAZY amounts of temptation, and catching so much flack from my coworkers. And - because I was completely unaware that the entire key to success resided within my mind...I let them affect me. And I quit. Every. Single. Time. 

When my coach plugged my into her accountability group, suddenly I found myself surrounded by so many woman who all felt like me. We might have all looked differently and been at different points in our journey, but we all wanted the SAME THING. 

We supported each other. We lifted each other up. We cheered each other on. We got stronger, TOGETHER. 

There is something about knowing that people are there for you and that all you have to do is SHOW UP that is so empowering. When you're on this journey of changing not only your body but your mind, it is SO important that you aren't alone. Which is EXACTLY why I do this now and pay what was given to me forward. 

So....what exactly do you get?


  • Simple and EFFECTIVE workouts that can be accessed (and completed) anywhere
  • Workout calendars  AND trainers so you know exactly what you are doing and when - ain't nobody got time for guesswork! 


  • Easy to understand and implement nutrition plans that focus on moderation NOT deprivation!
  • A nutrient dense superfood shake (ShakeologyFTW!) that will fuel your body and give it the nutrition that it needs so you can make the best choices for your body, fight cravings, and just feel like an all around bad ass. AND - it is available in 5 different flavors (and vegan friendly for my veggie friends!). 
  • Recipes, tips, tricks, and extra resources to help guide you and avoid boredom!


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to my private support and accountability groups!
  • A positive and SAFE environment to help you thrive and succeed
  • Daily motivation and check - ins so that you never feel ALONE!


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