Anxiety and Depression:

How To Overcome and Get Shit Done 


Repeat after me:

Self care is sexy. 

Dealing with anxiety and depression can be tough - especially when the LAST thing you want to do is do exactly what you know you should do. 

While it is important to be kind to ourselves in these tough times - it is EQUALLY important to hold ourselves accountable and realize that while we do not have control over the cards we were dealt in this life - we absolutely DO have control over how we react to them.

My Top TIP for dealing with anxiety and depression

  • Meditate. Meditate Meditate.

I don't care HOW ridiculous you feel. The space that is creating when we sit on the cushion is your first line of defense when those negative thoughts creep in...

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Other tips that deserve honorable mention...



I knw itowmight sound hypocritical coming from me - the queen of all things Facebook...BUT - what you don't know is that I actually don't have the ability to see my newsfeed (kill my newsfeed is the best app extension for Google Chrome to ever exist). I also regularly take inventory of who I am friends with and what is coming across my feed on the rare change that I do see it....I do NOT have time for negativity.


  • Personal. Freaking. Development.

I read a lot. I listen to audible even more. I am CONSTANTLY filling my head with positive and motivational shit. Feed your mind and your soul will grow.


  • Exercise

I know, I know. You're probably thinking...did she just tell me to exercise to cure my depression? But you know what - I never claimed that this would CURE you. But it WILL help you. I promise. Even when you absolutely DO NOT WANT TO...get up and get moving. If you can go outside - bonus points. Just do it. You'll thank me.


  • You are what you eat...

I never believed that food could affect your mood until I changed the way I ate and realized that when I eat like crap...I feel like crap, too. Keep a food diary if you can - you might even discover things that trigger your depression or anxiety more than others!


  • Surround yourself with positive, no drama, people

You are direct reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so if your vibe is attracting the wrong tribe...maybe it's time to take a look at your inner circle and trim the fat. One of the hardest things I have learned to do was let go of things that no longer served me...including people. But trust me - once you break free of those emotionally negative bonds, you will be able to breathe easy again and find happiness. I PROMISE. 


need more info? struggling with something personal? need an ear to listen? 

I am here for you!

Drop me a line. You got this.